Assalaamu aleikum. I am Saodat Alimi. I’m a trained teacher with degree in Chemistry Education. I hold an Ijazaa in Quranic Memorization and a higher diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

I have successfully taught the Quran reading to my kids between the ages of three and five. And with the aid of the technology and the application of my qualifications, I have adapted those classes into formats that can help the Quran learning beginners attain fluency in a few month(s)!

Alhudaa Islamic School is a site that teaches the Quran and its language (Arabic) through various acknowledged lecture formats. It is also for teaching kids and females who for some of the limiting factors of learning the Quran on-ground such as the availability of teachers or distance from learning centers would be considering Quran learning online.

Experience the Comfort of Learning the Qur’an with Tajweed from Home at a scheduled Time!

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