The bedrock of learning any language is learning its letters. In learning the Arabic Language, an  English speaking student learns faster by relating each of the Arabic letters to its corresponding English alphabets ( for those letters that do have).

Learning new words is also of paramount importance to building proficiency.

In the Arabic Reading and Writing for Beginners ‘ course, you will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters viz their places and the manners of articulation, some new words that were used mainly for explaining the articulation of each letter as well as those that start each letter. I shall demonstrate the writing of the alphabets too.



If you want to learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets and also increase your Arabic word banks, then this course worths checking out!



And to you as the Quran Reciter(which every Muslim should be),this course will assist you in the proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet as this is one of the conditions of attaining its bona fide recitation prescribed by Allaah in the Quran [Q(73:4) …” and recite the Qur’an slowly and distinctly. “]. “Distinctly” here as explained by scholars is inclusive of distinct letters’ pronunciations and reading with the correct pausal rules so that meditation on the verses would be achieved.

This course is available now at its discounted price:


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