The Easy Arabic Pronouns Usage in Self Introduction

Pronouns are words used instead of nouns and are used the same way in both the Arabic and the English Languages. For example, in introducing my self, I would say ” ُاِسْمِي سَوْدَة” which mean “my name is Saodat“. Then in a second sentence, I will mention my profession by saying  “أَنَا مُدرِّسَةٌ”  ( “I am a female teacher”). In this second sentence, I have used the pronoun “أَنَا” which means “I” to represent Saodat.

Other pronouns such as you, she and he are written as أَنْتَ,أَنْت), هِي َ, هُوَ) respectively.

These pronouns, unlike the possessive pronouns, are used to represent nouns and not attached to them to indicate the possessors.

أَنَا, أَنْتَ,أَنْت, هِي َ, هُوَ are used in sentences as shown below:Usage of the Arabic Pronouns